Cinnamon Toothpicks
Cinnamon Toothpicks
The only Real Cinnamon Toothpick sgipped worldwide from Ceylon
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  • 1 Toothpick Box
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Cinnamon Toothpicks are toothpicks made with wood from the Cinnamon tree and the natural Cinnamon oil cleans and freshens the mouth and breath. It is also used as a natural method to quit Smoking. It also contains the cinnamon oils medicinal benefits like improving blood circulation and controlling blood sugar levels.

The Cinnamon Toothpick can be chewed for hours.The more you chew the hotter it tastes.For maximum results keep the toothpick in your mouth and bite as long as you like.

Dru Era Cinnamon Toothpicks are made from wood of the Cinnamon Tree, 100% naturally cultivated in the perfect climate of the southern province in Ceylon. The Toothpicks are packed in vacuum packs to preserve the natural oils for extended periods.

Cinnamon Toothpicks are used as breath fresheners as it has such a pleasant, warm, aroma. It is also used to help quit Smoking as it can be chewed for long periods of time when nervous etc. Cinnamon toothpicks possess the same beneficial qualities as Cinnamon Oil like memory boosting, improving blood circulation and controlling blood sugar level

Store Dru Era Cinnamon Toothpicks in a cool, dark, dry place away from exposure to direct sunlight or moisture.