Ginger Oil
Ginger Oil
Ceylon Ginger Oil Shipped worldwide from Ceylon
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Ginger Oil is the aromatic oil extracted from the Ginger root. Ginger Oil has many medicinal benefits such as treating rheumatism, arthritis, sore throat and coughs. It is used extensively in aromatherapy as well due to its distinct, pleasant aroma and its warming qualities are perfect for the winter months.

Dru Era Ginger Oil is 100% natural and is extracted from ginger of the highest quality. Dru Era takes pride in supplying the world with the finest of the finer spices and essential oils.

Dru Era Ginger oil is extracted from the finest ginger, directly from the central hills of Ceylon which is the perfect climate for the spice and is cultivated free of any weedicides or pesticides, making it even healthier.

Ginger Oil is capable of treating Fractures, rheumatism, arthritis, bruising, carbuncles, nausea, hangovers, travel and sea sickness, colds and flu, catarrh, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, sores on the skin, sore throat, diarrhea, colic, cramps, chills and fever making it one of the most medically useful spices.
It is used in aromatherapy due to its pleasant fragrance and volatility. It is also used in blended massage or bath oils.

Store Ginger Oil in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight or moisture.