Cinnamon Insoles
Cinnamon Insoles
Cinnamon Insoles shipped worldwide from Ceylon
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Cinnamon Insoles -the perfect way to prevent bad foot odour while deriving the amazing benefits of Cinnamon. Cinnamon is well known to absorb humidity while emitting a pleasant smell. The amazing qualities of Dru Era Cinnamon Insoles include Anti- Bacterial properties which prevents foot odour while preventing athlete’s foot and other inflammations.

Dru Era Cinnamon Insoles is the 100% natural way to pamper your feet while preventing foot odour.

Dru Era Cinnamon Insoles are made with powdered Cinnamon of the highest grade and comes directly from the southern province of Ceylon which is the perfect climate for the spice. The Cinnamon is cultivated free of any pesticides or weedicides making it even better for you. The actual Insole is made with strong yet comfortable cotton, making it long lasting.

Dru Era Cinnamon Insoles absorb humidity which prevents foot odour while emitting a pleasant odour itself. The Insoles also regulate vital points on the sole of your feet while also gently massaging your feet. The sole of the foot is a well known nerve centre, connecting it to every organ in the body making it vital to care properly for your feet.

Suggested Usage

  • Attempt to wear Cinnamon Insoles as often as possible.
  • Remove Insoles twice a week overnight to keep dry.

When not in use, store Cinnamon Insoles in a dry area away from moisture.