Nutmeg Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Ceylon Nutmeg Oil shipped worldwide from Ceylon
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Nutmeg Oil is the distilled oil extracted from the fruit of the nutmeg plant. It is used in cuisine, cosmetics, lessening rheumatic pain, and massage oil and to cure bad breath due to its fragrant aroma, spicy, sweet flavour and many medicinal properties.

Dru Era Nutmeg Oil is 100% natural and is extracted from Nutmeg spice of the highest quality for the highest aroma, and flavour content. Dru Era takes pride in supplying the world with the finest of the finer spices and essential oils, delivered to your doorstep within days of harvest.

Dru Era Nutmeg Oil is extracted from Nutmeg spice of the highest quality, cultivated free of pesticides or weedicides in the perfect climate of central Ceylon. The 100% natural Nutmeg Oil is bottled and shipped the world over within days of harvest.

Nutmeg Oil is used for a variety of purposes ranging from culinary to medicinal as it has so many beneficial properties. It is used in cuisine for its spicy flavour, aroma and colour it imparts on the dish. It is also used in dishes to give its distinct nutmeg flavour without the grainy texture the spice imparts. Nutmeg is also used for Its numerous medicinal benefits such as Memory boosting, muscular pain relief, Indigestion, lowering blood pressure, curing respiratory problems, stimulates cardiovascular system, liver tonic and treating kidney diseases.

Store Nutmeg oil in a cool, dry, shady place away from direct sunlight or moisture