Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Cinnamon Powder ground to order and shipped worldwide from ceylon
  • 1 lb - Jar
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Cinnamon Powder is ground form of Ceylon Cinnamon and is the easy way to infuse Cinnamon in to your meals.The sweet taste of Real Cinnamon together with a spoonful of honey can treat many diseases and contribute to better health.

Dru Era Cinnamon is offered in it's powdered form for maximum efficacy and flavour, colour and aroma. Dru Era takes pride in supplying the world with the finest of the finer Cinnamon Powder, delivered to your doorstep within days of harvest.

Dru Era Cinnamon Powder is made with the highest quality or “Alba” Ceylon Cinnamon which come directly from the southern province of Ceylon and is cultivated free of any weedicides or pesticides to ensure the highest level of quality, flavour and nutrients possible.

Cinnamon Powder has many uses ranging from culinary to medical uses. Cinnamon Powder is used to easily infuse the lovely spicy sweet taste of Cinnamon into food and beverages. Cinnamon Powder mixed with honey to treat diseases such as arthritis, colds, heart diseases, diabetes ,to reduce cholesterol and to strengthen the immune system.

Store cinnamon powder in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture.