The World's Finest Spices

It was the allure of Spices, and the wealth they generated, that first drove Western merchants to brave the unknown oceans in search of the “Spice Island Ceylon”.

As soon as men could build sea worthy craft, their motivation has been driven by curiosity but ultimately financed by the spoils that Spices and trading would bring.
Ceylon was colonized in the early 1600’s by the Portuguese for that same reason and continued to be re-colonized by the Dutch and finally the British because of it’s exotic Spices.

This beautiful island still produces Spices with unique intrinsic quality that can be only be experienced through your senses.

The reason that Sri Lankan Spices are considered the most aromatic in the world is due to the islands location, climatic conditions and soil .In addition most of the Spices are not commercially grown but in village home gardens. This results in every Spice being hand picked and grown with no artificial use of chemicals and fertilizer.

Our site is dedicated to showcase the range of exotic Spice Sri Lanka has to offer.

Our philosophy has been to offer fresh Spices to the world within days of harvest pure and straight from Sri Lanka.