Cardamom Oil
Cardamom Oil
100% pure and natural - shipped worldwide from Ceylon
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Cardamom Oil is an amber coloured oil extracted from the much coveted Cardamom pod. Cardamom Oil’s marvelous aroma and fragrance refreshes both physically and mentally when feeling tired or weak. Cardamom Oil has expectorant properties and is used to ease the digestive system. It is an excellent bath oil, leaving the user with a calm and uplifting effect.

Dru Era Cardamom Oil is 100% natural and is extracted from the finest whole Cardamom pods to emit the highest aroma and flavour. Dru Era takes pride in supplying the world purest essential oils delivered to your doorstep within days of extraction.

Dru Era 100% natural Cardamom Oil is extracted from fresh cardamom pods of the highest quality to ensure the maximum content of flavour, nutrients, aroma are present in every drop. The Cardamom comes from naturally cultivated trees, grown without any pesticides or weedicides, directly from the central hills of Ceylon.

Cardamom Oil has a variety of uses. These include usage in aroma therapy due to its uplifting aroma and its volatility makes it ideal for use in an essential oil diffuser. Cardamom oil is also known to ease digestive problems like dyspepsia or colic. It can be diluted for use as a natural bath oil, bestowing upon the user a calm and uplifting effect.

Store cardamom Oil in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight or moisture.<